Lake and Pond Management

Maintaining a healthy aquatic ecosystem

Algae Control
Aquatic Weed Control
Nutrient Reduction
Wetland Planting
Habitat Installation
Invasive Weed Control
Lake Mapping
Fish Population Survey
Lake and Pond Management

Fountains and Aeration

Enhancing oxygen flow and aesthetics

Selection & Installation
Fountain Maintenance
Fountain Winterization
Aeration Maintenance
Four Styles of Aeration
Shop Fountains & Aerators

Fish Stocking Services

A variety of fish for pickup or delivery

Live Delivery
Farm Pick-Up
Scheduled Fish Days
Raising and Stocking
Packing and Transport
State-of-the-Art Production


Jones Lake Management maintenance services are customized to your specific location. Through testing and analysis, we deliver precise care to bring your lake to its full, thriving potential.

Holistic Approach

Holistic Approach

70+ Biologists

110+ Biologists

Licensed & Trained

Licensed & Trained

Preventative Care

Preventative Care


Browse our selection of do-it-yourself aquatic management products, as well as live fish and plant life. If you get in too deep and need a hand, check out our science-driven lake & pond management services.