The Beginning

Jones Lake Management started pretty humbly, with one man’s love for the water and a plan to stock his favorite regional lakes with healthy fish. Today, with a family of companies, more than 325 years of combined experience and 110+ biologists on staff, Jones Lake Management continues to be at the forefront of aquatic science and maintenance. 


Our History

See how we grew our company into an organization dedicated to creating and preserving vibrant aquatic environments.

Robert Lee Jones - Jones Lake Management
The Jones Legacy

Robert Lee Jones began managing the Gatliff Fish Hatchery in Williamsburg, Kentucky. In 1949, he set a world record for producing the most fingerling largemouth bass in a one-acre pond. That started a heritage of aquaculture that captured the interest of his family.

Albert Russel Jones - Jones Lake Management
Handed Down

Robert’s son, Albert Russel Jones, served as a fishery biologist for the Kentucky Department of Fish & Wildlife Resources. Albert was instrumental in introducing striped bass into Lake Cumberland, rainbow trout into Laurel Lake, and walleye above Cumberland Falls. 

Jones Lake Management Hatcheries & Distributors LLC in Cincinnati, OH - Jones Lake Management
Growing Business

Albert’s son, Robert P. Jones, continued the family tradition and opened Jones Lake Management Hatcheries & Distributors LLC in Cincinnati, Ohio, in 1989. The state-of-the-art production facility features 19 production ponds and over 45,000 gallons of indoor holding tanks. 

End-to-End Lake Management - Jones Lake Management
Always Improving

From fish sales, Jones Lake Management has grown to encompass end-to-end lake management. Our team of biologists can guide you through every aspect of your pond or lake management: fish and plant management, algae removal, aeration, cleaning, and stocking. We are committed to helping you make the most out of your pond or lake, from fishing to swimming to lounging on the bank.

The Science Behind Our Solutions

Advanced Chemistry - Jones Lake Management

Advanced Chemistry

We know which weeds cause problems, and we know how to handle them. Our biologists identify the nuisance vegetation and apply the ideal rate amount of EPA-approved algaecides and herbicides. With proper identification and application rates, we can manage the aquatic vegetation with minimal environmental impact. 

Oxygenating the Water - Jones Lake Management

Oxygenating the Water

Agitating and aerating the water is a vital part of an integrated lake management strategy. Aeration improves water quality and fish health.

U.S. Farm-Raised Fish - Jones Lake Management

U.S. Farm-Raised Fish

Both raising healthy fish and delivering them safely to your location take a great deal of scientific knowledge. Our biologists identify the right species to bring balance to your ecosystem and maintain a healthy fishery.

Results Through Science - Jones Lake Management

Results Through Science

Scientific testing is at the root of our water-health strategy. We make sure your water has the correct concentration of phosphorus, which can cause issues in large concentrations. Armed with information, we can formulate or update your maintenance plan for exceptional results.

Diagnosing the Lakebed - Jones Lake Management

Diagnosing the Lakebed

Detailed knowledge of a lake is critical to managing it effectively. Using the latest GPS and sonar technology, our team collects data on your lake from the surface and uses them to create a high-resolution map. We analyze the data to ensure that your lake environment thrives.

Balancing Your Fishery - Jones Lake Management

Balancing Your Fishery

Be sure there’s a plan for stocking and healthy maintenance of your lake’s fish population. A fish population survey helps our biologists identify issues with growth rates or an overpopulation of a species.


The Jones Lake Management family of brands is expanding, and we’re excited to introduce our partners. With our shared commitment to excellence, science-driven solutions, and quality customer service, each expansion enhances our service offering.