Ponds Rx 
Partners since: 2023 
Headquarters: Indianapolis, Indiana 
Areas served: Central Indiana including Hamilton, Boone, Marion & Madison Counties

Since 1989, Ponds Rx has restored valuable water resources by eliminating aquatic weeds and algae and providing treatments to balance ecosystems. Ponds RX offers comprehensive science-driven solutions and excellent customer service. Trained biologists use the latest technology, including natural solutions whenever possible, to restore and preserve the health and beauty of waterbodies.

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Ponds Rx - A Jones Lake Management Partner
Water & Wetland - A Jones Lake Management Partner

Water & Wetland

Partners since: 2023
Headquarters: Grafton, MA
Areas served: New England

Water & Wetland was founded to serve the highly regulated New England lake management market. The company has nearly two decades of individual experience in lake, pond, and wetland management. Water & Wetland provides unique individual attention to each waterbody they work on. They aim to find the perfect balance between restoring a healthy ecosystem and achieving customer goals, all while working within budget.

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Flow Landscape & Aquatics
Partners since: 2023
Headquarters: Medina, OH
Areas served: Northern Ohio

With more than 30 years of experience in the industry, Flow Aquatics has offered custom aquatics services to residential properties throughout the Medina, OH, area. In September 2023, Jones Lake Management and Flow Aquatics partnered to further cement Jones Lake Management as the market leader in Medina. Moving forward, Jones Lake Management will assume service for Flow Aquatics’ pond and lake management customers.

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Flow Landscape & Aquatics - A Jones Lake Management Partner
Wisconsin Lake & Pond Resource - A Jones Lake Management Partner

Wisconsin Lake & Pond Resource

Partners since: 2023
Headquarters: Eldorado, WI
Areas served: Wisconsin, northern Illinois, and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan

Wisconsin Lake & Pond Resource focuses on customer service first, while creating healthy and balanced aquatic ecosystems. The acquisition of Wisconsin Lake & Pond Resource, based in Eldorado WI, expands the Jones Lake Management's service footprint to include Wisconsin, Northern Illinois, and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. 

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Aqua Services
Partners since: 2023
Headquarters: Guntersville, AL
Areas served: Southeast U.S.

Aqua Services provides specialized, large-scale reservoir aquatic plant control, water quality enhancement, and fisheries management services to government entities, commercial businesses, and homeowners. The acquisition of Aqua Services, based in Guntersville, AL, enhances Jones's footprint in the Southeastern U.S. and expands Jones Lake Management's service offering to include large-scale aquatic resource management.

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Aqua Services - A Jones Lake Management Partner
A.T.A.C. - A Jones Lake Management Partner

Advanced Technical Aquatic Control (A.T.A.C.)

Partners since: 2022
Headquarters: Cincinnati, OH
Areas served: Ohio Valley region

A.T.A.C. is a leading provider of pond and lake management services, fountains, and aerators to developers, land management professionals, and private homeowners. The acquisition of A.T.A.C., based in the Cincinnati metro area, represents a deepening of Jones Lake Management's presence in the Ohio Valley region.

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