Jones Lake Management announced its partnership with Ponds RX, a provider of pond and lake management services based in Indianapolis, Indiana. Since 1989, Ponds Rx has restored valuable water resources by eliminating aquatic weeds and algae and providing treatments to balance ecosystems.

Both companies offer comprehensive science driven solutions and excellent customer service. Trained biologists use the latest technology to restore and preserve the health and beauty of waterbodies. 

Kelly Veatch, CEO at Jones Lake Management, stated, "Our success has always been the result of our unwavering commitment to high level customer service. We believe in going above and beyond to ensure our customers' needs are met, and this has solidified our position as an industry leader. We are delighted to partner with the talented team at Ponds Rx and their esteemed customers. This is an exciting time for Jones Lake Management.”

With combined knowledge and resources, both Jones Lake Management and Ponds RX are well-positioned to offer customers long-term, cost-effective lake and pond management services and products. 

About Jones Lake Management

Jones Lake Management, previously known as Jones Fish Hatcheries & Distributors LLC, has been a cornerstone of aquatic excellence since 1949. Committed to science-driven solutions, the company offers a comprehensive range of lake and pond management services, fountains, aerators, fish stocking, and products. Jones Lake Management is dedicated to preserving and enhancing aquatic ecosystems for a sustainable future.