Jones Fish Hatcheries & Distributors LLC, a name synonymous with aquatic expertise since 1949, proudly unveils its transformation to Jones Lake Management. While the name may have changed, the commitment to delivering unparalleled lake and pond management services and stocking fish endures. The new brand name solidifies the company’s commitment to providing top-tier waterbody management services and innovative solutions backed by decades of expertise.

As Jones Lake Management, the company is conveying its core values and mission to clients, partners, and the industry. The new name pays homage to the company's long-standing legacy while reflecting its forward-thinking approach to lake and pond management. 

"Our journey began with a passion to improve fisheries for future generations," said Robert Jones, Founder of Jones Fish Hatcheries & Distributors LLC. "Today, as Jones Lake Management, we're stepping into a new era while keeping intact the values that have driven us since the beginning." 

At the heart of the rebrand is the new tagline, "Science Driven Solutions Since 1949." This tagline underscores the company's unwavering commitment to utilizing the latest scientific advancements and proven methodologies to address a wide range of lake and pond challenges. Jones Lake Management's team of dedicated biologists, with their vast knowledge and experience, continue to drive innovation in waterbody management practices.

"We are thrilled to unveil our rebranding as Jones Lake Management," said Kelly Veatch, CEO. "We’ve grown beyond our fish hatchery roots, but our dedication to providing science-driven solutions remains stronger than ever. Our rebrand reflects our journey from focusing primarily on fish to broader, holistic lake management strategies."

Jones Lake Management offers a comprehensive suite of services, including aquatic vegetation management, phosphorus mitigation, wetland plantings, and native gamefish stocking. In addition, the company sells a wide variety of fountains and aerators and offers installation and maintenance services. The company's integrated management approach combines the latest advancements in technology with a deep understanding of ecological systems and an emphasis on communication. Clients can expect the same exceptional service and expertise that Jones Lake Management has been synonymous with for over seven decades. The rebranding initiative is a testament to the company's evolution and its continuous drive to lead the industry toward a sustainable and prosperous future.

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About Jones Lake Management

Jones Lake Management, previously known as Jones Fish Hatcheries & Distributors LLC, has been a cornerstone of aquatic excellence since 1949. Committed to science-driven solutions, the company offers a comprehensive range of lake and pond management services alongside its renowned fish stocking. Committed to science-driven solutions, Jones Lake Management is dedicated to preserving and enhancing aquatic ecosystems for a sustainable future.