Eutrophication is a normal part of the pond aging process. It’s defined as the gradual increase of phosphorus, nitrogen, and other nutrients in an aging water body. This process occurs as organic material and sediment accumulate in the pond and nutrients build up over time. Phosphorus and nitrogen are important nutrients for pond productivity. However, in excess these nutrients lead to algal blooms that limit visibility and prevent light penetration, resulting in low levels of dissolved oxygen.

Unfortunately, human activities typically accelerate the aging process and lead to hypereutrophic ponds and lakes. Nutrient inputs from fertilizer, grass clippings, detergents, pasture runoff, waterfowl and septic systems all contribute to eutrophication. The result is an increase in algal and cyanobacteria blooms and the potential for periodic fish kills due to low dissolved oxygen.

The Jones Lake Management biologists recommend using beneficial bacteria to slow the eutrophication process and improve water quality. Aqua-Tron is a blend of specialized bacteria that helps clarify your pond or lake. It was developed to provide clean, clear and beautiful water. These naturally occurring organisms break down the organic material suspended in the water column and metabolize nutrients. Reducing available nutrients can limit algal blooms and nuisance weed growth. There’s even a cold water formula of Aqua-Tron available to manage incoming nutrients year round. Waste and Sludge Reducer should be used in conjunction with Aqua-Tron to break down sludge at the bottom of your pond. Waste and Sludge Reducer features a concentrated blend of bacteria and enzymes that targets organic material on the pond bottom, resulting a reduction in odors and biological oxygen demand throughout your pond or lake.

Water Soluble Packets
Both Aqua-Tron & Waste and Sludge Reducer are easy to apply. They’re packed in water soluble packets that are designed to toss and go. Dosage rates are dependent on pond surface area. It’s important to dose the bacteria appropriately for best results. Both Aqua-Tron and Waste and Sludge Reducer are safe for pets, fish and wildlife. They can be used in residential ponds and industrial ponds to improve clarity, reduce odors and restore balance to your water.